The Long And Bumpy Road To Becoming A Game Developer

With the gaming industry booming at an impressive rate, most of us have already contemplated the idea of becoming poker game developers or just a game developer in general at some point in our lives. For a large majority, this drive is a result of an unexplainable love for gaming. Like Steve Jobs put it, it all came down to ‘doing what you loved’. But in the current capitalist market, where studios go head to head to win every inch of market share, do these prospective game developers stand a chance at an easy life?

What Are Game Developers Made Of?

While technical expertise in at least one of the major programming languages is a primary requirement, a large number of production studios are now on the hunt for creative individuals. A mere bookish knowledge of a few operations and a degree won’t cut it at all. In simple words, it is very necessary to do all it takes to separate yourself from the sheep!

Where’s A Good Place To Start?

It’s very important for you to stay involved in all the latest happenings in the industry. Participate in workshops, do your own research and keep yourself busy with your own unique mini projects from time to time while you’re still at college. Practice high level math and get your hands on books that talk about the art of Game Design. Once you’ve dwelled deep enough, you can experiment with SDKs, 3D models or even source programs.

Know The Reality

Creating a videogame from scratch is no joke. All projects operate at breakneck speeds and for some high level programmers, all that pressure can be quite unforgiving. Deadlines hover over like dark clouds and they’re lucky to sleep while they can. While this scenario might be slightly different depending on company cultures, the general consensus is that it takes a lot of heart and courage to be a game developer these days.


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